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The glAppGrapher is an interactive graphical server that allows clients to indirectly render three-dimensional objects. It is intended to be a debugging tool for software developers who need to visualize aspects of their programs without turning their programs upside-down in the process. This server, in conjunction with a properly written client side, has the potential to:


Features as of v0.5

Features as of v0.4

News as of 5/15/2004

Version 0.5 is out for Windows users, and now available for download!

glAppGrapher 0.5 Win32 distribution +
test client 0.5 Win32 distribution:
ZIP with source code, binaries, and manual
glAppGrapher 0.4 Linux tarball glAppGrapher test client 0.3 Linux tarball (also works with 0.4)


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The glAppGrapher manual

glut32.dll - GLUT library for Win32 - You can find RedHat 7.3 GLUT RPM's here.

Special thanks

George Toderici came up with the idea to make the program use sockets to communicate. I was originally going to use shared memory. What was I thinking?!


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